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Property Usage Info

(Kessler Prairie is located near Grinnell outside of Johnson County)

Tobacco-Free Property Statement

Tobacco and nicotine use, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes, snus, Electronic Smoking Devices (ESD) and nicotine products that are not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for tobacco cessation, is prohibited at all times on grounds. No person shall use any form of tobacco, nicotine or ESD product at or on any Bur Oak Land Trust-owned or operated grounds. This tobacco/nicotine/ESD policy applies to everyone while on grounds. Appropriate signs shall be posted in appropriate areas. The community, especially users and staff of grounds, will be notified about this policy. Property stewards, board members, volunteers and citizens of the community are asked to help enforce compliance with this policy.

Firearms Restrictions

The use or possession by the public of firearms and weapons of all kinds is prohibited on all Bur Oak Land Trust properties except those areas designated as game management areas and subject to restrictions of the Hunting Policy.

Bur Oak Land Trust Permission for Hunting form

Bur Oak Land Trust Board has approved a new hunting policy for managing deer on Bur Oak Land Trust properties. Hunting will be allowed at the Property Manager’s discretion on Turkey Creek Preserve and Big Grove. ONLY anterless deer will be allowed to be taken, and please note strict rules pertaining to deer stands. Thank you for your interest and for helping the Trust manage our deer population.
Turkey Creek: John VanRybroek
Big Grove: Ken Lowder

Hunting Form pdf

Exhibit A: Rules for Authorized Hunters
1. Only deer hunting is to be allowed on Bur Oak Land Trust Property when appropriate for wildlife management purposes only.
2. No permanent tree stands or blinds may be utilized on any Bur Oak Land Trust Property.
3. No hunting apparatus, tools, or equipment may be nailed, bolted, or otherwise affixed to any tree, shrub, or fixture on Bur Oak Land Trust Property.
4. Temporary stands in conformance with these rules may be put up one week prior to a particular hunting season and must be removed no later than one week following the end of such hunting season.
This Exhibit A is subject to change from time to time. Any authorized hunter should periodically check with Bur Oak Land Trust to verify the current rules.