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Protecting these few remaining natural areas provides places where everyone has the opportunity to learn about and enjoy native habitats and where diverse flora and fauna have a chance to persist.

The Bur Oak Land Trust is a land trust which accepts donations of land from residents and landowners who want their natural areas to be in the public trust, available for present and future generations. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: George McCrory

Featured Property: Strub Prairie

Strub Prairie, a small, but diverse, native prairie remnant, which harbors over 100 native species in the 1.08 acre preserve, and 1/3 acre conservation easement adjoining it. This land is along an abandoned railroad right of way at the northeast corner of Highway 382 and Polk Avenue at 1554 Polk Avenue NE, Solon, IA 52333. The land once housed a propane storage business owned by Bud Strub. It was affectionately known as “propane prairie.” Bud made the purchase of this remnant possible in 2006.

Check out this Instagram photo album of Strub Prairie!