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  • Prairie Preview XXXVII

Protecting these few remaining natural areas provides places where everyone has the opportunity to learn about and enjoy native habitats and where diverse flora and fauna have a chance to persist.

The Bur Oak Land Trust is a land trust which accepts donations of land from residents and landowners who want their natural areas to be in the public trust, available for present and future generations. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Chelmowski

Featured Property: Muddy Creek Preserve

40.63 acres of former pastureland donated by Barbara Beaumont and Kurt Hamann.┬áThis property features steep rolling terrain, with large sweeping mature oak trees. You can find a huge boulder slowly working its way down the watershed towards Muddy Creek. If you sneak in quietly you are likely to flush a rafter of turkeys. Or a herd of white tail deer. Do not cross the creek to the north or east. The fence on the south of the property defines the boundary between Bur Oak Land Trust property and Coralville residents.