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  • Prairie Preview XXXVII

Protecting these few remaining natural areas provides places where everyone has the opportunity to learn about and enjoy native habitats and where diverse flora and fauna have a chance to persist.

The Bur Oak Land Trust is a land trust which accepts donations of land from residents and landowners who want their natural areas to be in the public trust, available for present and future generations. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Valerie Decker

Featured Property: O'Mara-Newport

O’Mara-Newport Woods is a small wooded area (30 acres) just north of Iowa City adjacent to Rapid Creek. The property consists of rolling hills that includes about 5 acres of mature white oak forest cover, about 24 acres of developing young hardwood forest cover (red oak, black, walnut, white ash, and black cherry), and a 1-acre pasture.

In the early 1970’s only 5 acres was in forest cover, and now some of the valuable upland hardwood forest cover that has been significantly reduced in Johnson County in recent years is being allowed to return on this property.