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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan, 2013–2018

Focus Area: Land Protection
To increase the amount of land the Trust protects, we will organize a strategic conservation planning initiative, identify the most valuable lands to protect in focus areas, establish ongoing relationships with landowners of properties of interest, establish a collaborative relationship with the Johnson County Conservation Board, and expand beyond Johnson County.

Focus Area: Land Management
To manage 100% of the land owned by the Trust, we will increase volunteer opportunities for land management, continue to support the property steward position, and increase other resources allocated for land management. To increase public access to and utilization of Bur Oak Land Trust land, we will incorporate relevant strategies into property management plans, finish identifying boundaries for all properties, and place a sign at all properties open to the public.

Focus Area: Development
To increase membership, we will gain a better understanding of our current market base and membership data. To have adequate financial resources to meet our capital and operational needs, we will revise the development plan, promote legacy giving and establish targets, increase sponsorships, recruit board members with fundraising capabilities, increase the number of conservation easements, and increase the amount of grant funding. We will increase the amount of volunteer and donated services and participation provided to the Bur Oak Land Trust.

Focus Area: Build Brand Attention
To increase community awareness of the Bur Oak Land Trust as a leading conservator of land in the area, we will develop a sustained internship program, implement an integrated communications/marketing plan, and build partnerships with other public relations activities. To increase public access to and utilization of the Trust’s properties, we will improve our website, send press releases about events and use of properties to the media, and promote the properties in Heritage.

Focus Area: Organizational Excellence
To enhance the Trust’s effectiveness, we will maintain accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, develop a five-year financial forecast, relocate and expand our office space, increase committee membership, make the Executive Director a full-time position with appropriate benefits, hire part-time administrative support, and upgrade the Trust’s IT capacity.