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Stewardship Technician: Hannah Davey

Hannah was drawn to Bur Oak Land Trust’s AmeriCorps program because she feels she has a strong educational background in ecology but could use some practical experience in the field. She expects this program to provide her with great training opportunities, gain new skills, strengthen existing skills, and combine these with her education to create a strong foundation for a conservation career.

Hannah is excited to be working for an organization that will help address the need to inform the community about the ways that they can help conserve land in Iowa – because she knows that small changes can quickly create a large impact. She enjoys the fact that this position allows her to work outdoors and be a part of projects that are improving Iowa’s landscapes, and is especially excited to learn about prescribed fire and how it is a useful land conservation tool. She hopes to see how Bur Oak Land Trust land management plans are written and updated, and how Bur Oak Land Trust collaborates with the public to provide natural areas for everyone to enjoy. With this experience, Hannah feels that this position will provide her with the skills needed to create a good foundation for a career in conservation.