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Stewardship Technician: Claire Carlson

Claire has been a part of Johnson County since 2015 and feels that by working as an AmeriCorps stewardship technician, she will directly impact – through old-fashioned hard work – the community she now calls home. She is looking forward to growing as an individual, specifically working on her chainsaw skills. She knows that many individuals don’t have the opportunity to say that their office and work area is the “Great Outdoors” and looks forward to developing the practical skills needed for land conservation work.

Claire is very excited to continue working throughout Iowa, while she is especially interested in getting a chance to work on aquatic restoration projects. She feels it’s important to start at the level she considers “grunt” work to see the direct impact this work accomplishes, while knowing that the qualities needed to excel in this position will help her remember her roots and keep environmental protection at the forefront of everything she does.