Are You a Carbon Bigfoot?

Are You a Carbon Bigfoot?

I’m not talking about being some mythological creature whom no one can track and whose picture is never in focus. I’m talking about having a large carbon footprint. Recently Bur Oak Land Trust held its 33rd annual Prairie Preview. Amazing crowd, enthusiastic exhibitors, and a keynote speaker who captured audience attention with her compelling talk …

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Hello Land. Be My Valentine

Hello Land. Be My Valentine!

Looking back on Valentine’s Days past, I’ve felt hope, excitement, and love for the many people as well as for many other aspects of my life. And this love is tightly entwined with gratitude for all that I have and for all the good that is to come.

2015 Annual report Rare butterfly/ rare plant project

2015 Annual Report for Rare Butterfly/ Rare Plant Project

For the last half century, I have seen the habitat values of southeast Iowa steadily diminish, part of a process well underway before my time. Among the first to vanish entirely are the plants already rare, and the animals which uniquely depend on them.