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Stewardship Technician: Mia Haney

Mia Haney, Stewardship TechnicianMia was inspired to take on the challenge of AmeriCorps service because she likes that it is a US government program and a household name. She knows that this program will introduce her to a comprehensive web of non-profit and other organization for networking and will be helpful as she works on switching direction in her career. While an AmeriCorps member, Mia hopes to better understand the most urgent ecological concerns for Iowa and learn how to apply her experience towards a broad range of environmental challenges in the world. She sees the clock ticking on the need to address the alarming trend of species extinction and ecological degradation. Mia says, “It is vital that society balance the needs of people with that of endangered flora and fauna. Not only is this an ethical concern, but also a practical one. For instance, approximately one out of every three bites of food is produced thanks to a pollinator. The rusty patched bumblebee and tiger swallowtail are examples of endangered pollinators here in the Midwest. Both play important roles in food production.” Mia looks forward to learning more about land management strategies and the Trust’s overall plan for land restoration, all while staying active outside. She also knows her service will be a crucial first step to integrate into the field of environmental sustainability work.