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Conservation Education Specialist: Lidija Stojanovic

Lidija feels that joining AmeriCorps is a great opportunity to contribute her training and skills to the community and to Bur Oak Land Trust. Her goal as the conservation education specialist is to create as many new connections as possible. She knows that there are many great area organizations for education outreach and partnerships. Since this is the first year of this program, she is looking forward to developing relevant hands-on activities for kids that can be used for booth events, schools, and various youth programs – and these activities will continue to be utilized in the future.

Educating the public and engaging younger generations to care about environmental issues are extremely important to Lidija, and she hopes to inspire youth to be problem solvers who will be building a foundation to be good land stewards and understand the importance of conservation. She is looking forward to interacting with the public and different organizations, especially Scout groups and public schools, to work toward building a stronger community. She is also excited to participate in the offered AmeriCorps training and certification opportunities Bur Oak Land Trust is providing. Lidija is definitely interested in continuing to work in conservation and by working with Bur Oak Land Trust will be exposed to the nonprofit side of conservation work, providing the necessary training and skills to be successful down the road.