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Capital Campaign

Conserve. Protect. Grow.

That’s our theme for our Capital Campaign to purchase the Big Grove Addition. We are in the middle of this exciting campaign and we need your support! To give you some background, the Big Grove began as an upland timber forest, sustained naturally by the Iowa River to the west and by occasional prairie fires which burned out invading underbrush.

When it was first settled, the old growth timber was cut down, but the Big Grove persevered and renewed itself. As the prairie was plowed and prairie fires became less common, the Big Grove changed. New species of trees began to grow in the shade of the older timber trees, and the grove was fragmented by housing developments and cropland.

To protect one of the last 140-acre remnants of the Big Grove, conservation-minded neighbors purchased the land, created easements on most of it and set aside the best 40 acres as the Big Grove Preserve. The Bur Oak Land Trust has been instrumental in conserving the Big Grove since 2004. The Big Grove Addition will add 40 acres to the Big Grove Preserve, ensuring that the ecosystem is protected for the native wildlife and the migrating birds and butterflies that pass through the area each year. Increasing the size of the preserved area not only protects what is there now, but also increases the stability of the ecosystem. Moreover, the property lies in the middle of one of the few large areas of deep upland woods left in Johnson County.

We need your support! Your gift is needed in the fight to protect and conserve these natural areas. Donate now to support this conservation mission: DONATE

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