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Creating Bobcat Habitat
May 23, 2019

So far, it’s been a bad news, good news story for our local bobcats. The steady loss of habitat, plus uncontrolled hunting for a century, greatly reduced their numbers across the Corn Belt. 

Guest Post: Controlling Garlic Mustard in Southeast Iowa
May 20, 2019

It’s garlic mustard season and it’s very helpful when everyone is armed with information about how to control this invasive plant. Thank you to Jim Peterson for sharing his experience of approximately 10 years working to control garlic mustard on an acreage on Sugar Bottom Road and also in Hickory Hill Park in Iowa City. 

Our Road Ditch Cleanup
May 16, 2019

Every year around Earth Day I clean up our right-of-way along the Cosgrove Road, prior to mowing the ditch bottom, which I have slightly modified into a walking trail. 

Guest Post: Re - Climate 2019.04
May 13, 2019

Climate issues and the resultant discussions – especially with youth – continue to be on the rise as these issues critically affect natural systems and species.