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A Hummingbird Honeysuckle for Your Cold Microclimate
January 11, 2018

My microclimate blogs over the past two years have tended to emphasize our warmer sites. This is because a significant part of our native flora and fauna is near the northwest limits of their native ranges, and only flourish in our milder microclimates. 

Audubon’s Mammals
January 4, 2018

Everyone knows about John James Audubon’s masterful portrayal of North American birds. Less well known is that shortly after completion of his widely acclaimed bird folio, the Reverend John Bachman recruited him to illustrate a planned encyclopedic work about North American mammals. 

Resilience in Nature and in Life
January 1, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience lately – this year to me has been one emotional upheaval after another in just about every arena of life and what I’ve found is that the only way to keep moving forward and not getting bogged down in an overwhelming feeling of helplessness is by cultivating resilience. 

Greetings from the Land
December 28, 2017

Conservation Friends, New Year’s greetings from our family to yours. We have been most fortunate to have a little piece of land that needed a lot of TLC; and neighbors who share the joy; and a community pond that is the finest in Johnson County.