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How Do Birds Survive the Storms?
September 20, 2018

On early evening of August 28, an aggressive storm passed through southwestern Johnson County. On the radar images it included a bright red dot, which centered on our neighborhood. And the images were correct. At its peak for perhaps 12 minutes, the air was a slurry of shredded leaves and rain, which was blowing horizontally. 

September 17, 2018

Since my misadventure with the Camouflaged Looper/Wavy-lined Emerald recently, I’ve had more awareness of moths in general. I always knew they were out there; almost every time you walk through the grass on the Greenway you scare up a tiny fluttering thing. 

Eric’s Question About Hummingbirds
September 13, 2018

Responding to my hummingbird story, Infatuated with Hummingbirds, Eric Miller asked why only one species was in the eastern USA. I needed a certain piece of research for a comprehensive answer, and finally located it, misfiled. For many decades, it was accepted wisdom that the ruby-throat was the only hummer species in the east. 

Who Done It?
September 10, 2018

The thick, muggy air is stifling, but the sound of cold running water brings soothing thoughts of an oasis as I inch along a wooded stream corridor. I’m looking for the invasive species garlic mustard, honeysuckle, Japanese hedge parsley and poison hemlock hidden among the thick carpet of native spring flora.