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Clear Some Woods for Wild Geranium
May 25, 2017

Two decades ago I noticed a farmer re-fencing a pasture near Frytown. I remembered when it had been oak-hickory forest, and the stumps were still there. The roadside ditch outside the fence was a jungle of weeds and brush, but scattered in it there were occasional jack in the pulpit, wild ginger, spring beauty, and wild geranium, which had seeded themselves from under the former trees. 

Getting Outside for Family Day at Turkey Creek
May 23, 2017

Who would think that kids and adults alike would (willingly!) shed shoes and socks to wade, knee-deep, in a creek on a windy, overcast 50-degree day? And who would believe you could walk away from a talk about raptors thinking a turkey buzzard is beautiful and smart? 

Land Trust Alliance Blog: Taking Responsibility
May 22, 2017

This blog caught my eye because we are also in the process of re-accreditation. Bur Oak Land Trust’s board has adopted the new Land Trust Standards and Practices and we are excited to find out what the changes — especially in technology — will mean for Bur Oak Land Trust’s monitoring and maintenance of properties. 

Radiation Frost: Another Dimension of Microclimate
May 18, 2017

This year our late April-early May weather was quite normal, leaving gardeners and farmers alike wondering whether they had actually seen the last frost, or perhaps there might be more coming. We alternated between southern air, which was hazy, humid, and warm; and northern air, which was clear, dry, and cool.