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The praying mantis—not all good, but not all bad
May 21, 2018

One of the signs of spring that can easily be overlooked is a globular formation attached to a twig in a tree or on a shrub. At first glance, it might resemble a dried leaf that has curled or a canker of some sort with a circumference roughly equal to that of a quarter. 

A New Clear Creek Trail in Coralville
May 17, 2018

You are probably already familiar with the paved trail in Coralville that runs more or less along Clear Creek. The best known access is the Tom Harkin Trailhead along Camp Cardinal Blvd. But there has been another type of trail system under gradual development in the same greenway corridor. 

The Unsung Heroes of the Early Pollinators
May 14, 2018

It’s the time of year when attention focuses on the earth, bursting with color and texture after the long, brown winter. Scarlet tulips and saffron daffodils adorn yards, while dainty white or pink spring ephemerals like bloodroot and spring beauty cover the ground in wooded preserves. 

Our Neighborhood Blackline/Blueline Firebreak
May 10, 2018

Both suburban and rural neighborhoods have their advantages and disadvantages for coping with wildfire. Suburban hydrants are close together with lots of water available. But individual homes can explode with flaming debris that spew ignition onto nearby houses – creating a chain reaction.