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The Storms of May
July 18, 2019

This May saw a lot of damage to trees. Those with a weak spot sometimes shattered.               And in addition, the soil in May was so saturated that some tree roots lost their grip on it and simply toppled over in high winds. 

Leveraging Connections to Further Our Conservation Mission
July 15, 2019

Recently I was reminded – again – of the power of connections. Bur Oak Land Trust has during its tenure built within its mission statement the underlying idea of connections to further the trust’s conservation efforts. 

Celebrating Conservation and Music at Music on the Prairie
July 11, 2019

By the time Music on the Prairie started on Saturday at Belgum Grove, the humidity had dissipated, and the heat had lessened, making the weather just about perfect for this annual Bur Oak Land Trust event. 

Patterns And Serendipity
July 8, 2019

Summer on the Greenway is such a fast-moving, blink-and-you-may-miss-it extravaganza of life. Every week there are new flowers blooming and new sounds to be heard, from dickcissels returning from their winter homes to the south, to katydids chirring in the grass and cicadas buzzing up in the trees.