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Volunteer Spotlight: Sophia Davis

Sophia first started volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust at the end of June when a group of volunteers were needed at the Iowa City Downtown Block Party. She became interested in volunteering for the organization because she wanted to enrich her life outside of school and work. Because she is very interested in the environment and conservation, she felt Bur Oak Land Trust was clearly the perfect place to volunteer.

For the past couple of months, Sophia has been working on brochure outreach in the community, where she takes brochures to local businesses and advocates for Bur Oak Land Trust so that the community can learn about the Trust’s conservation work. She has especially enjoyed interacting with Bur Oak Land Trust’s staff and learning about what drives their passion for conservation work.

When not volunteering at Bur Oak Land Trust, Sophia enjoys spending her free time reading or taking walks out in the country. She hopes more people in the community will come to know about the positive impact Bur Oak Land Trust has on Iowa’s natural areas and on our community. She can see that even though a small part of the work done is by volunteers, she believes that Bur Oak Land Trust thrives because of its volunteers. She feels she has grown as an individual because of her volunteer experience, and has learned about what it takes to protect and conserve natural areas. She says, “Volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust is a life changing opportunity that has helped me grow as an individual and I’ve enjoyed learning about the importance of conserving and appreciating nature.”