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Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon Lust

Sharon originally starting volunteering for a land trust while living in Idaho. When she and her husband Gary decided to put a conservation easement on their land, they turned to Bur Oak Land Trust (previously called Johnson County Heritage Trust). While working on the contract for the conservation easement, Sharon was inspired to start volunteering with this land trust – with part of their mission being conserving land for future generations. (See the Lust Conservation Easement story in the October 2016 issue of Heritage.)

When not volunteering as a bookkeeper and membership database administrator, Sharon loves the wide variety of live music available in the Iowa City area through dance, theatres, and lectures – and she especially gravitates towards Bluegrass. She can also be found with a pair of knitting needles in hand, or enjoying a quiet walk in the woods.

When Sharon is in the office, she very much feels actively involved beyond the day to day input of data, where all that she does needs to be detailed, accurate, with a respect for confidentiality – but one of the most satisfying aspects of her volunteer work is at the end of the day that all is in balance. She also finds, as a retiree, enjoyment in seeing the younger generation engaged in the work of improving and educating the community in the area of conservation.

Sharon says of the volunteering opportunities at the office: “There are many work days both on Bur Oak Land Trust properties and in the office. The staff is excellent in guiding a person to help according to their abilities. It takes a combination of talents to accomplish a specific task. As the saying goes: ‘No job is too small or too big,’ if you have a group that is intent on improving the resources that makes their life whole.”