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Volunteer Spotlight: Mollie Jackowski

Mollie first started volunteering in Bur Oak Land Trust’s office in 2016 to fulfil the 10-hour volunteer requirement for a leadership class she was taking and to write a paper and present how that organization exemplified certain leadership philosophies. That year her sorority also required that each member volunteer at least 36 hours per school year. While volunteering, she found the environment in the office enjoyable and the tasks pushed her to enhance her communication skills. She has spent much of her spring and summer months helping with the “Under a Cider Moon…a Celebration of Autumn” fundraiser planning committee and it gave her an in-depth look into how to plan an event that is enjoyable to guests and that has the potential to raise a lot of money for the organization. She said, “The other individuals on the committee are so nice and really made me feel welcome!” Recently she has worked on a variety of projects – from reaching out to businesses and individuals for auction donations, writing thank-you cards to sponsors and donors, marketing events online, posting on social media, finding potential businesses/medical practices to partner with – all providing many opportunities to broaden her professional skills.

Mollie feels that one of the best things that came about through volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust is that she is more aware of environmental and land preservation issues. Volunteering at an organization that has a vision and is working hard to achieve that vision has been rewarding to her personally, and she hopes that she has also helped Bur Oak Land Trust in her two years volunteering here.

When Mollie is not at school working on her degree or volunteering at Bur Oak Land Trust, she is an active member of her sorority, having served two years as chapter secretary and standards chair. She was also on the Sponsorship Committee for Dance Marathon 23 and 24. Currently, she is also the President of Order of Omega, and honors society for members in fraternities and sororities. Outside of academics and organizations, Mollie enjoys reading, learning about medieval history, and listening to music (mostly musicals). She will be attending Law School in the fall of 2018.

For someone considering volunteering, Mollie feels that volunteering at Bur Oak Land Trust’s office is a fantastic experience. Staff and volunteers are welcoming and willing to make sure that the projects you are working on fit your interests and skills. Not only will the experience help with personal and professional growth, but volunteering is also doing so much for Johnson County.