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Volunteer Spotlight: Larry Weber

Larry Weber first starting volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust in 2016 because he wanted to help ensure the success of Bur Oak Land Trust’s conservation mission and vision. He initially served on our most recent capital campaign – the Campaign to Save the Grove (a $700,000 capital campaign to purchase a 40-acre parcel adjacent to the current 40-acre Big Grove Preserve). He also recently joined Bur Oak Land Trust’s Board of Directors.

Larry is the proud landowner of an 80-acre woodland property, called Old Man’s Timber, which he continually works to restore when not volunteering. On this property, he has reconstructed a 4-acre tallgrass prairie, been involved in timber stand improvement, created clearings for oak/hickory regeneration, used prescribed fire to control woodland invasive species, and constructed grade control structures to manage gully erosion. He is also active in the outdoors, and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and white water rafting.

Larry feels that working with staff, other volunteers, and donors – who are all passionate about conservation – has been his best experience so far. He says, “I have been able to learn from many of them. I truly feel that I take more away from volunteering that I bring, and hence, have been enriched by each volunteer activity with Bur Oak Land Trust.”

Larry is an active leader in advocating for better water, cleaner environment, and sustainable natural resources across Iowa. He hopes community awareness of Bur Oak Land Trust continues to grow and will do all that he can to share its wonderful conservation story with as many people as he can.

“The best time to start volunteering is now or yesterday, no need to wait another day!”