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Volunteer Spotlight: John Gardner!

Burning and clearing brush

John began volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust more than ten years ago. He was motivated to volunteer because he wanted to learn more about the Trust and he wanted to support its local conservation mission.

When not working as property steward for Hora Woods, John spends his time pursuing his love for anything automotive or motorcycle related. He owns several motorcycles and an MGB used for touring and autocrossing. So far his best volunteer experience was years ago when he volunteered with others from all across Iowa as they worked at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve to remove invasive species. He saw a huge impact on the property in a very short amount of time.

If John could share anything with the public, it would be to encourage people to get out and volunteer on the properties. It’s rewarding and a lot of fun, no special skills are needed, and there’s a lot to learn. John finds this work to be very rewarding, knowing that these efforts will help sustain natural areas. To future volunteers, John says “Spend an hour helping at one of our properties with a volunteer property steward and see the impact you can have!” We thank John Gardner for his dedicated service to Bur Oak Land Trust and the natural environments of Johnson County.