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Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Dierks

Chairing Bur Oak Land Trust’s Development Committee meeting

Dave can’t exactly remember when he first started volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust (formerly Johnson County Heritage Trust), but it’s been at least ten years or more. He initially helped Executive Director, Tammy Wright, with her development and fundraising needs, and later served on the board while continuing to work primarily in the development/fundraising side of the organization by leading the Development Committee.

Dave was first attracted to volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust because he has always been an outdoors person and an environmentalist. He was also inspired to volunteer through his connections with several board members and volunteers, and because he has lived in Iowa City for over 50 years and has seen the dramatic growth and expansion of the area. He says, “This county is unique in that there are beautiful, natural areas within minutes of our downtown. It’s so important that we preserve these locations for future generations. We won’t get a second chance”.

When not volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust, Dave spends much of his time with family and friends and helping with other civic and volunteer organizations within the community. He was part of a group that helped form the Iowa City Public Library Foundation, the Iowa City Community School District Foundation, and several other organizations dedicated to raising funds and improving the community. Giving back to the community and volunteering is his passion.

Dave finds satisfaction in seeing and being a part of the growth and expansion of Bur Oak Land Trust, which he feels starts with a terrific staff. Working in the Development Committee and being part of their latest capital campaign – truly a group effort – is something Dave feels would not have been possible without the cooperation and efforts of the entire board and staff and an army of dedicated volunteers. He finds it especially exciting to share Bur Oak Land Trust’s conservation story with others.

What Dave wants most for Bur Oak Land Trust is for others to share the passion and dedication of the organization– and hopes that every member and prospective member visit those properties open to the public and experience first-hand the beauty that each has to offer. “Seeing is believing in my book,” says Dave.

Volunteering for Dave means forming great friendships and developing a better appreciation of the natural resources and the continued effort that must be made to maintain the properties. To leave the community in a better place. So talk to a board member or volunteer, develop a better understanding of Bur Oak Land Trust’s mission, and visit its properties!