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Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Jensen

Chris first started volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust because he enjoyed working outdoors and wanted to make a difference while working outside in a natural setting. He first volunteered at  a Shimek Ravine workday 8-10 years ago. He really enjoyed the work and the people he worked with and decided to get more involved by regularly volunteering at Shimek and Big Grove Preserve. One of his favorite experiences is pulling garlic mustard at Big Grove. He says, “Spring is a beautiful time of year and Big Grove is a carpet of diverse spring wildflowers. Pulling garlic mustard you are immersed in the wildflowers and surrounded by bird song.

When not volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust, Chris enjoys spending time outside gardening, hiking, and biking with his family.  He also enjoys spending time working to improve the natural diversity of his family’s land. Recently Chris expanded his volunteer experience beyond pulling garlic mustard and cutting brush to serving on the Bur Oak Land Trust board and then as an officer of the board. He knows that Bur Oak Land Trust depends on volunteers doing all kinds of diverse tasks and knows each person makes a difference. He finds volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust a very rewarding experience, where his efforts, combined with those of others, are really making a difference in improving the health and diversity of the trust’s properties.

“If you enjoy working outside, sign up for a workday and come on out. You get to do important work on beautiful properties. If you have other talents you would like to share, call or email the office. There are many opportunities to help out!” says Chris.