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Volunteer Spotlight: Casey Kohrt

Casey began volunteering as a property steward for Bur Oak Land Trust in 2006. Upon seeing the slow degradation of the Strub Prairie property, he was interested in doing his part. Initially, he helped take inventory of the land, noting what native and invasive plant species were there. Once that was done, he agreed to be the property steward for the Strub property, and later, for Pappy Dickens Preserve.

Casey working with a volunteer to cut and spray to remove invasives.

Alongside working for Bur Oak Land Trust, as an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, he is also a Chairman for the organization Friends of Hickory Hill Park. He enjoys hiking, and is an amateur botanist. He usually takes any chance he can get to be outside in nature. His work at Strub Prairie and Pappy Dickens Preserve has also offered him opportunities to come across some rare plants such as putty root orchid and the spiranthes orchid. However, recently much of his time and effort has gone towards the removal of invasive plant species, mainly honeysuckle. This has decreased native species populations at Pappy Dickens, which thanks to the work of Casey and many other volunteers, have begun to recover.

If Casey could say anything to the public, it would be this: get out and enjoy nature more. Bur Oak Land Trust manages multiple properties across the county that are open for public enjoyment, and volunteers work hard to ensure that the native environment at those properties not only survives, but also thrives. To future volunteers, Casey says “You get to work with great people…it is really satisfying work.” We thank Casey Kohrt for his dedicated service to Bur Oak Land Trust and the natural environments of Johnson County.