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Volunteer Spotlight: Blake Wilson

Family Day at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Blake first volunteered in the spring of 2018 removing barbed wire from Big Grove Preserve, and then he began interning at Bur Oak Land Trust a few months later in May as a marketing intern. He felt that Bur Oak Land Trust’s mission aligned closely with his values, serving the community that he grew up in. He also wanted to learn more about how an established non-profit operates.

When not volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust, Blake loves to spend as much of his time outdoors as possible: hiking, biking, and camping quite often. He also enjoys attending live music events.

Blake feels that his best experience volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust so far has been witnessing the “Under a Cider Moon…a Celebration of Autumn” fundraising event go from its beginning planning stages to a finished product, and seeing all the local businesses that care about Bur Oak Land Trust’s mission, showing their support through a donation. Besides working extensively on the Cider Moon event with marketing efforts, he was also a part of the team of staff and volunteers who worked Bur Oak Land Trust’s spring and fall Family Days.

Blake hopes to instill in others his passion for getting involved and supporting a cause – in this case Bur Oak Land Trust – by volunteering for a property workday, donating, supporting businesses Bur Oak Land Trust partners with, and in other ways. And when asked what he has personally gotten out of volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust, Blake says, “I have learned so much about how a non-profit works, how to promote local events, how to conduct myself professionally, how to communicate with business owners, and how to engage the community in supporting Bur Oak Land Trust’s cause!” And to encourage others who may be on the fence about volunteering, he says, “Go visit one or more of Bur Oak Land Trust’s properties or stop by an event, and see the work that we do first-hand. There are so many different things that you can do for the Trust and you are bound to find something that fits your interest. Ultimately you will feel good that you have contributed to the conservation of natural lands.”