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Volunteer Spotlight: Anita Froehlig

Anita started volunteering at Bur Oak Land Trust office in January 2019. She and her husband first discovered Bur Oak Land Trust when they retired to North Liberty and went to a volunteer fair at their local Community Center. So far, she has had so much fun working in the office on different projects and learning new skills along the way. She can’t wait to get outside, but has to admit it has been very nice to be in the office during the cold weather.

The reason Anita and her husband wanted to volunteer with Bur Oak Land Trust was because the concept of private non-profit conservation works so well with public conservation efforts. She says, “Iowa has so many beautiful areas and preserving these jewels of the prairie is one of our great passions. I also fly fish and water and land quality is intertwined with fly fishing. Life is dependent on clean water, air, and productive land.”

Anita feels that volunteering is one of the best ways to become involved in our community and meet new friends – and hopes her story will inspire others to volunteer!