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Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Chelmowski

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew ChelmowskiAndrew first started volunteering in early November – he has always had a passion for the environment and wanted to give back. He came across the Trust and loved the ideals and philosophies of the organization, and felt the Trust shared his environmental passion. He wishes that more in the community knew about Bur Oak Land Trust and what its mission is, especially across the collegiate community. He also wishes that he had heard about the Trust sooner so that he could have started volunteering earlier.

Some of the projects Andrew recently had include: inputting 2019 grants Bur Oak Land Trust has received into an online database, prepping brochures to be mailed out to local residents, and cutting and preparing the Trust’s winter holiday card. He feels his best volunteering experience so far has been when he was learning about the Trust – including learning about the Trust’s supporters, volunteers, and donors who make the organization great. This has opened his eyes to how much every dollar and acre of land counts to help protect our planet and all the species that reside on it.

While not volunteering for Bur Oak Land Trust, Andrew enjoys working out, learning, traveling, and photography. He grew up playing sports every season of the year, which inspired him to strive to improve both his physical and mental well-being – and triggered his hobby of learning.

A trip to Europe in 8th grade, where he saw many natural and man-made historical items of beauty, inspired his passion for photography as a platform to share what he discovers in his travels with others. So far he has visited 4 continents and continues to take a wide array of photos.

When asked what he would say to others who are on the fence about volunteering, Andrew says, “Give it a shot. Bur Oak Land Trust is a great organization and they have terrific employees who you can tell truly care about what they do. Volunteering with people who care about what they do is great because it creates a great working environment. I think it is important for people to know about the positive environmental conservation impact Bur Oak Land Trust has had in Iowa!”